vineri, 2 august 2013

Lovely tree

Helo lovelies!
This is the last post from the sea even though the pictures are not taken at the beach. I saw this wonderful tree some month ago and since then I've been dreaming about taking some photos with it and I thought the perfect outfit would be something earthy like these amazing shorts from H&M Conscious Collection. I just adore them, I wanted them so much but I wasn't able to find my size and then one day I found them on sale, how lucky am I? I paired them with a gorgeous lace blouse and a statement necklace.
Hope you'll like it!
Have a lovely day!

Blouse, Shorts, Necklace: H&M | Sandals: Zara

13 comentarii:

  1. draguta !

  2. Lovely top and the shorts are amazing ! Lucky indeed! :D I always get so excited after finding the last remaining item from a collection I loved, it's almost like you found something rare, haha :))

  3. super poze!! love the shorts!! kisses . misss :)

  4. Frumos... Îmi place maxim cum arată combinația și cum ai potențat-o prin acest shooting.

  5. Loving the backdrop and the outfit!

  6. Vai, pozele sunt superbeeeee! Iar tu arati minunat, toate detaliile sunt foarte bine puse la punct!



  7. poze frumoase, locatie superba, model excelent...bravo!!!