luni, 26 august 2013

Smells like autumn

Hello lovelies! 
Although I didn't have autumn in my mind when I chose this outfit for today's post, I realized that I turned my attention to this burgundy item, now at the end of summer. Now I'm a little bit nostalgic and I'm thinking about the next season and it's joy but I'm sure this won't last for long and I'll be back to some bright colors soon enough. I love the flowy shape and texture and of this short/skirt and I enojoy wearing it every time. 
Hope you like it!
More pictures

miercuri, 21 august 2013

Old city

Hello lovelies!
As you already know I am a huge fan of dresses. And on a hot summer day it's easy slip into one and take care of your daily tasks. I know it's not office appropriate, but it can be a perfect for a walk in the park or to go out and have an ice cream.
Hope you'll like it!

luni, 19 august 2013

Floral sunset

Hello lovelies!
Today's post is the last one featuring the beautiful flower crowns Floronite. This is not an usual outfit post, it's more a photo session with these gorgeous accessories. The photos are made by Tudor Belei and my make-up was done by Adela Manolache.
Hope you'll like it!

sâmbătă, 17 august 2013

New kid on the block

Hello lovelies! How is your week-end? Hope you're having fun. For today I chose an outfit that totally reminds me of my childhood. One of the comebacks of the season was the jumpsuit. At the beginning I wasn't to fond of it but as I've seen more and more outfits I started to crave for one. Well luckily I didn't search for one too much. I found this vintage denim jumpsuit in the back of my closet and I decided to wear it again. What do you think? Have you already worn jumpsuits this summer?

joi, 15 august 2013

Jeans crush

Hello lovelies! This is the second post with the beautiful flower crowns - Floronite.
 I bought these jeans from the men section and I completely transformed them in something that I love! Searching for a high waisted pair of jeans is over and I am so happy with the result.
Hope you'll like it!

luni, 12 august 2013

Escape the heat

Hello lovelies! How was your week end? Mine was really nice! I decided to escape the heat from my home town and headed to the mountains. We planned a little road trip for the week end and I really enjoyed myself. I decided to show you some of the pics I took during this trip. Of course I chose a casual look: jeans, denim jacket and a casual t-shirt. And my new love: my espadrilles.
What do you think?
P.S Balea Lake is an amazing place so, whenever you got the chance check it out. I hope the pics will be a strong incentive.

sâmbătă, 10 august 2013

Pink roses

Hello lovelies! You've already seen three wonderful flower crowns from Floronite worn by Deea. Well, now it's my turn to show you three more. I decided to begin with a pink one with roses. I just love it! I wanted to create a very girly look that defines me perfectly so I wore a floral top with lace insertions and a pair of pink pants, they look like a skirt and that's the reason I love them so much!
Hope you'll like it!