About us

Once upon a time.... there were two young ladies who met each other and discovered that they have lots and lots of stuff in common. So one beautiful summer day inspired by all the other fashion stories they decided to start their own fairytale of prints and patterns, colours and pictures.
So here we are. Our names are Andreea and Julie, we are both 22 years old and we are both psychology students. We have been friends for three years now and we know each other very well. We both enjoy movies, travelling, macarons, Starbucks cappucino, we love Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona and we’ve always been dreaming about New York and shopping on 5th Avenue.
We love pretty dresses, fab shoes, pastels, prints, statement jewellry ~ fashion in (almost) any shape or form.
This is a place where we laugh, have fun, enjoy ourselves and learn how to dress to impress.
So, we BELIEVE in Pink and we believe that nothing it’s impossible like Audrey said <3.
            We also have to thank Gossip Girl for bringing us together.